Seo Guide For Web Designers And Developers

This question goes for all web designers and web developers out there, how many of you think it is important to develop or design a website keeping search engine optimization in mind. Well surprisingly, most of you will say it's not that important. Being a web designer or website developer, it is imperative for you to learn about SEO.

There's a misunderstanding that website optimization is only for search engine experts, that's not true. Being a website designer or even front-end developer SEO is your responsibility. If your designed site does not search engine friendly, you might end up losing a lot of traffic. You can get the best website design services in Vaughan by navigating at

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You must agree to the fact that website promotion is a value-added service and you can sell or polish your SEO skills as an additional service. "Splash Pages" might look interesting and interesting but it is a disaster of search engine optimization.

Many website owners tend to put up large banner images and place a link titled "Click here to enter". Don't forget that links embedded in Flash objects don't allow spiders to be cached. Your site "Home" is a page with high traffic and is often crawled by web spiders.

Therefore, it is wise to have a well-designed and well-designed veranda. Many designers like to show off their talents by creating flashy menus using fade-in and animation menus. They might look attractive but they cannot be seen by search engine spiders.